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Venue & Facilities

Noah's Hall

Multi-function hall with seating for over 450 Performance...

Noah's Balcony

Seating for up to 180 people, this multi-purpose indoor venue...

Grand Ark

Treasure the experience in the sensational surround-sound ...

Cedar Room

Multi-function rooms with seating up to 100 people ...

Olive Room

Multi-function rooms with seating up to 60 persons ...

Palm Room

Multi-function rooms with seating up to 80 persons ...

Noah's Stadium

Venue for Sporting, competition, and other Special Events ...

Amazing Garden

150 guests seating or 250 guests standing event at our elegant ...

Sweet Garden

Accommodate up to 96 guests, this European style botanical garden ...

Solar Tower Workshops

Solar Tower and Solar Tower Camp Function Rooms ...

Ma Wan Event Centre

A brand new multi-functional event centre ...

Our Restaurant and Banquet Venues Have Registered as Type C & Type D Modes of Operation

In accordance with the latest specification and direction under the Prevention & Control of Disease (Requirements and Directions) (Business and Premises) Regulation (Cap. 599F), Noah’s Ark’s Harvest Restaurant has additionally registered as both Type C & Type D catering premises. Effective immediately the seating capacity will increase up to six or twelve diners per table at the designated zones of our restaurants. Moreover, selected banquet venues of Noah’s Ark have additionally registered as Type D mode of operation as well. If at least two-thirds of the participants have received the first dose of COVID-19 vaccine, the seating capacity is extended to a maximum of 180 participants and 12 diners per table. With this in place, guests who use the LeaveHomeSafe mobile application have the option to gather with more friends and family members for communal dining at the designated zones of dining areas.